Name: Andrew
Age: 14
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: approx. 140 lbs.
Birthdate: Jan. 3rd
Parent: Hera
Affiliation: Olympians

Appearance: Stocky. Has thick and curly light brown hair, lots of freckles, and pale, but slightly tanned, skin. Wears a grey hoodie, mauve shirt, and jeans.

Description: Helpful, kind, empathic, a bit controlling (likes to have things under control), can sometimes be emotional.

Other: He's confused as to which girl he likes most, Tia or Rachel.

History: Andrew lived a pretty normal life in Seattle, Washington, until the day he was attacked by a harpy at the park. He only made it out alive because of a satyr who had been watching over him saved him. After notifying his father, it took a week for them to reach camp half-blood, but they (surprisingly) didn't encounter any monsters along the way. He sacrificed himself so Mike, Lance, Sasha, and Aaron could escape.

Current Equipment:
-Swiss Army knife (when he flicks the screwdriver up, it transforms into a light mace - that he sometimes transforms into other things depending on his opponent)
-Leather Armour - breastplate, shinpad-ish things - (that he wears under his clothes)
-A small leather sack filled with marbles (which he uses to practice his transifguration powers).

-Mild transfiguration.
-Has the innate ability to sense the truth (his "hunch" or "gut feeling" is really accurate) because his mother is good at seeing through lies and deception (she found out about all of Zeus' affairs).

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