Creatures Encountered

This is a page listing all the creatures the questing party have/is in the process of fighting and how they were defeated (if they were).

Creature Glossary

  • The Hydra
  • Medusa
  • The Snake
  • Nemean Lion
  • Laestrygonian
  • Hydra
  • Cerberus


The Hydra was the first creature to be encountered by the campers. Several members of the group were frightened by the Hydra's presence, others stayed out of the fight. Jeparo tried to suffocate the hydra, but was smacked headfirst into a tree. Jake was knocked unconscious before the fight. The Hydra was defeated when a tornado of unknown origins swept it up and tossed it into the mountains.


Medusa was the second monster the questers encountered. It was intent on killing Thera, mainly because of Athena's enmity towards Medusa. Jason tried twice to decapitate it, but eventually discovered one of his demigod powers, brutal biting. Bryn, Zero, and Jeparo managed to kill it though, and Thera took Medusa's beret from the remains as a trophy.


The snake is…well…a giant golden snake with green eyes that attacked Camp Half-Blood while the questers were still on the train to Florida. While some of the campers battle the snake, others try to get younger, less experienced campers away from the battle, toward the lake. It displays power over vegetation. It was killed when Micheal allowed himself to be swallowed so he could stab it's heart from inside. It is during this fight that Mitchell was introduced.

The questers encountered three Nemean lions after reaching the train station in Indianapolis. The Nemean lion is an immense lion with an invulnerable hide, leaving the questers with two options: strangle it or go through the mouth. One was killed with teamwork from Peter and Jason, while the other two were swept away along with Jason. One was killed in mid-ar, while the other was thrown about by the tornado. Its current whereabouts are unknown. Peter and Jason took the two furs left behind by the dead Lions.

This attacked the questers while they were in Canada. A lucky shot from Greg decapitated the being.

This is a hydra of a standard variety, as opposed to it's Lernean counterpart which a whirlwind swept up. Sasha and Micheal kill it, and it is shown how much tension is between them at this time. Micheal defeats it be nearly getting eaten and eleectrocuting it from the inside.

Cerberus is the three-headed hell hound that guards the Underworld. It seemed hostile at first, but Jason quickly calmed it with name brand dog treats and taught it to sit. Kind of anticlimactic really.

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