Name: Dylan Streli
Age: 17
Height: 6'3"
Weight: ~225 lb.
Birthdate: March 21
Parent: Heracles
Affiliation: Olympians

Appearance: Dylan is a very handsome young man, with short, curly brown hair and eyes of the same color. He generally wears a golden colored shirt and what seem to be army-style pants. He usually wears boots. He's heavyset, but most of it is muscle, considering who his father is.

Personality: Dylan is normally a jovial guy, but he takes issue with being insulted. He's anything but a sore loser, though he has a tendency to try and make himself better at what he lost at so he can win. He's a superb athlete, but he can't beat with other demigods in their respective fields (Apollos at archery, Poseidons at swimming, etc.). He's a very good wrestler, though. He's also quite the womanizer, though he only takes things to a certain level and never bothers taken women.

-Bow with celestial bronze arrows.
-Club (that turns into a nightstick at his belt when not in use)

Dylan happily skipped off into NPC-land with Alannah, a daughter of Aphrodite.

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