Ilja Landers
Name: Ilja Landers
Age: 15
Height: 5'11
Weight: approx. 100~ lbs. Or something. She's skinny.
Birthdate: Unclear; sometime around July's end.
Parent: Hades
Affiliation: Olympians.

Appearance: Ilja is tall and thin. She is… a very strange girl. She has long, silvery hair reaching down to her waist. One lock always falls in front of her left eye. She has a very strange case of heterochromia; her left eye is black like her father's, but her right eye is a very pale grey (almost white), like her mortal mother's. Her skin is pale, her limbs are long, and she has long fingers.

She generally wears… well… black bell-bottom jeans. With tanker boots. And a grey tank top with a black Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned over that. She has an old, battered bomber jacket too… clearly, she got her taste in clothes from her (very odd) mother. Oh, and she's got a belt.

Gear: A two-pronged staff, like that of Hades himself, of celestial bronze. It takes the form of a cellphone when not in use. A celestial bronze dagger.

Description: Ilja may look weird and spooky, but she's really quite a nice girl. She is quiet and casual and (because she knows it hurts to be judged) doesn't try to judge people. She tries to avoid fights, but is a good fighter when the need arises.
She's becoming a sort of protector; she tries to stop infighting and strives to help her friends.

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