Ht: 5'10"
Wt: 120 lbs
Parent: Ares, God of war.
Alliegience: The Olympians.

Jake uses ses a bronze platebody and legguards. He wieldJs a Jake usshortsword and uses a shield with the 'Aeigis' symbol on it. He also wears a Spartan helmet without plumage.


Jake cannot remember his mother's name, or much of his past. He was born a child of Ares, that is all he knows of his parenthood.

What he does know about his past is that he was brought to Camp Half-Blood when he was 9, and trained alongside the Ares cabin members of the camp. He loves playing Capture the Flag with other campers, though he does not possess any unfriendly rivalries with other camp members like some other Ares cabin members do.

He joins Zero, Peter, Jason, Jeparo, Ilja, Mathew, Kevin, Lucas, Julie, Sophia and Gregory on their quest. He stays with Zero, Peter, Jason, Jeparo, Ilja, Kevin, and Gregory when the group splits up. He then follows Jason to Mt Tam after that, and from there, to the Underworld.

He also knows Mtichell.

It is known that he possesses a slight fear for the Nemian Lion(s) and Cerberus.


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