Jake's Backstory

8 years ago…..

Jake ran. He did not understand why, but his mother had told him to run, and she had not steered him wrong yet.

He almost tripped on a root, but his mum quickly grabbed him and set him back on his feet. They continued running, running away from the invisible enemy. Jake could almost feel it, whatever "it" was, reathing down his neck. He ran faster.

"It's just up that hill" said Jake's mum. They were almost there. Just a little further…

Suddenly, a sillouhette, blacker than the night around them, blocked their path. Even though he was only nine, Jake swore out loud.

The shadow lunged, its claws outstretched. Jake closed his eyes and looked away. Blood splattered on his face. Strangely, he felt no pain.

Looking up, he saw the claws, bloody and outstretched, in front of him. But it was not his blood that was spilled. It was his mother's.

She thrust a small, silver object into his hand. "Use it well" she said, and died.

The creature discarded the woman's body and stared Jake, eye to eye. Its crimson eyes bore down on him, its rancid breath burned his nostrils.

Jake stole a glance at the object his mother had given him. It was a short sword, the one that his mother had told him once belonged to his father.

"Use it" a voice told him. Somehow, Jake understood it as his father.

He swung the blade at the creature, the blade surprisingly light in his hands. He felt no resistance as it tore through the neck of the beast that had killed his mother. Without even stopping to reflect on what he had done, Jake ran into the forest.

He didn't even realize how much he was crying.

Current Time…

Jake layed back in his bed, thinking fondly of his mother, who had died eight years ago to the day. He forced back tears.

The door to the cabin opened. A camper ran in.

"C'mon, Jake, capture the flag is starting soon!" He said.

Jake smiled and nodded. He picked up his shield and a silver short sword on his way out.

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