Jason's Origin Chapter/ My story

17 years ago, Los Angles, California

"Yes, Mary?"
"I..I..I think I'm pregnant."……

16 years ago, Los Angles, California

"What should we name him?"
"Jason. After the hero who stole the Golden Fleece. Maybe our son will be as successful as Jason was."
"Jason. I like it."

Present Day, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Where the hell have you been?"
"Out" I said. I was tired of Otto giving me hell about coming home past midnight. I was 16, I was going to go to concerts, go to movies, stuff like that. Otto needed to know that.
"With who? That whore of a girlfriend of yours?"
Otto's rich. And my step-dad. That's why I put up with him. He payed for our house, along my eye surgery when I was 6. Without him, I'd be a blind hobo. But this time, I was tired of it.
"Don't talk about Mary that way."
"Or what?"
I walked up the stairs to my room. I wasn't in the mood to fight with Otto.
I made it about six steps up before a mug hit me in the back of my head.
"You answer questions when I ask you them!" he said.
The next few hours were a blur. A baseball bat hit here, a kick in the ribs there, you get the picture. Nasty stuff.

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name's Jason Bekon. I'm a demigod, the Son of Hades. It gets me a crap rep at camp. 'OH, your dad is the god of the dead, you must be an evil bastard or something!'
I get that a lot. None of it's true.
Moving on with the story…

"Late again Mr. Bekon"
"I know sir…"
I took my seat next to Mary. I guess you could call her my girlfriend. Or you could side with Otto and call her a slut for even hanging out with me.
"Why were you late again? You know he's going to give you a detenti-" she stopped. I had shifted by hair to show the jagged cut from a piece of crockery that had hit me last night. "Otto again?"

"Yay mystery meat…"
"Jason, you need to lighten up. It's better than the stuff we had in pre-school."
"Nick, in pre-school you ate crayons for lunch."
"What's your point? I turned into a functioning member of society!"
That's bullshit. Nick might be my best friend, but his IQ the equivalent to a few lemmings tied together. His dad owns a tattoo parlor though, and he sneaks me in for my tattoos once a week. Besides that, the only thing Nick has on me is that he has his liscense. I failed the course for breaking the speed limit. I did everything they asked, just at 60 mph. The entire time.
"Hey guys" Mary had gotten her lunch and was pulling up a chair
"Hey Mary" We said simultainiously
"Jason, you need to talk to someone about Otto! It's been four-"
"Fine. Five years since he started beating you!"
"The girl's right dude."
"I can't. And you both know why."
"Fine. But have fun with Mr. Drikin's detention today, 'cause it's Otto's fault!"

"Hello sir."
"Ah Mr. Bekon. On time for detention at least."
Mr. Drikin was my least favorite teacher. It's only fitting he teaches my worst subject, english. Like all demigods, I'm dyslexic, and that make english a huge problem.
"Anyway, Mr. Bekon. Today you will be grading papers."
"Yes sir"
"They are at he back of the room"
That's when my life as a demigod began. In English Detention, as I walked to the back of the class.
The room suddenly filled with fire.
I was blasted out the nearest window. I landed on my back, from 3 stories up. That hurt. Above me, snaking out of Mr. Drikin's room's windows, was a drakon.
For those of you who do't know what a drakon is, it's basically the biggest, gnarliest snake ever. And it's pretty much invulnerable.
I didn't know what it was, but I ran like hell.
I called my mom right after I was off-campus.
"I heard everything on the news Jason. I know what happened. Go downtown and take a Grey Sister's taxi to Camp Half-Blood. Pay them with your old greek coin necklace." I managed to follow her instructions.

That's how my world was turned on it's head.

Chapter 2-My first days at Camp

I was really freaked out when I first got to camp. Then I started meeting people: Thera, Jeparo, Matt, Lucas, Sophia, Timothy, and everyone else. Lucas became my worst enemy pretty quick. Mainly because he reminded me of Otto; he was a bully. Then on my first day, I had 3 whole cabins who wanted to KILL me: Demeter, Ares, and Aphrodite. They all hated me, and probably still do, with a few exceptions.
Quick Note, and I think Peter said this too. If you think you're like us, forget it. Forget the weird stuff and go on with your life.
Going on. The Demeter cabin was crying for my blood at dinner the first night because Persephone had gone missing, and that imediately implies Hades.

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