Jason Bekon, Son of Hades

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Name: Jason Bekon
Age: 19
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 169 lbs (all muscle! I'm serious.)
Birthdate: Jan 19
Parent: Hades
Affiliation: Olympus, but only because of Alexis

Appearance: His long hair is blond,and it falls just over his ears and dips down right in front of his eyes, which are brown. He is wearing a black zip-up hoodie and a pair of old jeans, along with a "Mount Airy Nature Camp, Cincinnati Ohio" T-Shirt on.

Jason, Camper at arrival:

Jason, Prince of The Underworld:

Jason, Pacifist and Guitar Player:

Jason, Reborn Warrior

Jason, 'Traitor'

Description: Jason is generally combative, but those who earn his trust are his friends for life. He has spent a few years in assorted martial arts programs, and is a black belt in wing chun in particular (if you have never heard of wing chun, PM me). Jason is also an excellent swordsman at this point, who is progressing to becoming a sword-master.

Gear currently: Alot of weapons, all of which transform into rings and necklaces for easy transportation.

Jason was on a quest with Greg, Son of Tyche, and Ilja, Daughter of Hades, but they abandoned him to go do a quest for Eros, so now he is going to the underworld with Jake, Peter, Bryn, and Jeparo. Greg and Ilja appear to be having some sort of affair, and Jason does not care in the least. Greg is his friend, and it's great that his friend and half-sister are dating. Jason has no current love intrest, unlike nearly everyone else, and is'nt ashamed of the fact he does'nt. He had a girl friend back at home, named Marie Westfeld, but she thinks he's dead and there is a low chance for a long-distance relationship. There are a few hot girls at Camp (like Julie and Sophia) but Jason is too busy to consider a relationship with anyone. Jason has a higher stamina than almost anyone. He has fallen through a house from a tornado and gotten up and walked away, with only minor help from Ilja and Peter. Jason's best experience since becoming a demigod is driving Apollo's Sun Chariot.

Known Powers: Jason is not really in touch with his powers as a demigod at the moment. The powers he does manifest are weak and random. He can grow long fangs that are razor sharp, and command a room with a keen impression of his father's voice. Jason can also immobilize a foe by having clawed arms grab them from below, but he has yet to exhibit this at Camp, but he did it at home once!

Moar backstory!: Jason's step-dad was loaded, and Jason stole his wallet before leaving home. Jason's step-dad is also highly abusive, and bought a gun two days before Jason left, presumably to kill Jason with. Jason also has a menagerie of amateur tatoo's cleverly concealed by his t-shirt.

Jason has recently decided that the Olympian gods are uncaring and play favorites with their children. He reasons that the minor gods, in which he clumps Hades as well, are more caring of their children because they have fewer.

Jason has now returned to Camp, and is training under Kenneth.

Fatal Flaws:
Hubris (obsessive pride)
Grudge Holder (like all Hades' kids)
Aggressive (looks at his encounters with Lucas…)

Yep, after Jason killed his step-dad, he became a big rectum. That's when he met the love of his life Alexis. After that, he gave up violence to be with her. He has silently sworn that no one will ever hurt her.

Then Janus told Jason a bogus prophecy, and tricked Jason into killing Nick, son of Apollo. Jason left camp after that, joined the Titans as a spy for Olympus after being captured by Carson, and then returned to camp to see Alexis. He was about to ask her to leave camp with him and go on the run from everyone, when Janus told Alexis that Jason had joined the Titans.
Currently, Jason is at the Titan Headquarters, grieving and becoming the most powerful he can be.

Jason has defected between the Titans and the Gods several times, and has recently grown into a human weapon for whatever side he is on. Jason is a human wrecking ball, faster and stronger than most can believe. He is convinced that if he had a weapon that could kill Immortals, he could end this war, once and for all. Unfortunately, to his knowledge, no such weapon exists. But he secretly believes that if he were to take possesion of Kronos's Scythe, the ancient, lost artifact that was used to sever Kronos from reality and imprison him in Tarterus, he could augment it to defeat Immortal foes. He also believes that Zeus has a similar weapon somewhere on Olympus.

Jason's Origin Chapter

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