Name: Matthew
Age: 14
Birthdate: May 18
Parent: Apollo

Appearance: He has long black hair and light blue eyes. He wears grey sweatpants and has a red T-shirt. It has a monogrammed VR at the bottom. it stands for Vengeance Rising

Description: Matthew is known for not being the most violent person in the camp. He loves making little jokes here and there and playing his acoustic guitar. His archery skills are standard for children of Apollo. He is in what appears to be a Boyfriend,Girlfriend relationship with Thera. He also appears to have feelings for Julie, daughter of Aphrodite. this can,has, and will turn to be a problem.

He has no quarrels with any of the campers, with the exception of Sophie And Lucas.

History: Matthew grew up in a small coastal town in Virginia. When he was 10,he discovered he had great aim. At 11, he was attacked by a monster. He spent the next month trying to hide form the monsters. Then he remembered his mothers brocheres. He was driven up to Calp Half Blood, with almost no incident.

He soon learned of his great skill with archery and the acoustic guitar. During archery practice, his bow started to turn gold, A sign of Apollo. He has spent the last 2 years at camp half-blood, honing his skills.

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