NPCs Encountered

These are the multiple important NPC's that the characters have encountered, whether friendly or not.

Major NPCs

-Julie: A friendly Aphrodite girl who has a romantic crush on Matt. She has no ill will towards Thera, but she wants Matt for herself. She dislikes her cabinmate Sophia.
-Bryn Kingfisher:
A Poseidon girl who has been "experimenting" with the powers of campers in some unknown way. Her mother is dead, leading to great hatred of Sophia, who threw a picture of her mother in the fire as a sacrifice to Athena. Jeparo has a crush on her, and she has a crush on Jeparo. She is currently under a curse, inflicted by Hera, which makes her subject to intense mood swings.
-Sophia: An evil b from the Aphrodite cabin. She is Lucas' girlfriend. Up to date, she has thrown Thera's backpack in the sea as a sacrifice to Poseidon, almost destroyed her pendant, and thrown a picture of Bryn's deceased mother iin the fire as a sacrifice to Athena.
-Lucas: The Ares cabin leader. He has extraordinary hot temper and hates Jeparo and Jason with a passion, even moreso than Greg and the others.
-Chiron: The manager of camp Half-Blood, a centaur.

The three that went MIA on a quest to look for Demeter. Lily, ironically, is the most powerful Demeter camper, though she is only nine, Jennifer is another Demeter camper who accompanied her, and Hikari is an asian daughter of Hepheastus. Jennifer was released and joined the questers on their mission.
-Mitchell Black
-Sasha: An Artemis girl. She seems angry at Mike because of his shameful sexual attitudes and was furious at Arthur, who she believes had sex. Now she is depressed because she learned of a lack of friends that she has.
-Miranda: A daughter of Theia who helped Jeparo and Peter out with a monster after Peter unwittingly gave him the materials required for a transformation. She seems to have a thing for said son of Poseidon. After being rejected by him, she swore vengeance against Peter and his girlfriend Alice.
-Augustus: Son of Kronos and all around bad guy.

Minor NPC's

-The bus driver: A mysterious gent who showed up outside Camp Half-Blood and drove the questers for a while before it was attacked by a hydra. He is a Half-Blood of unknown heritage.
-The bus handiman: The handiman on the bus. He has a magic lighter that spews an enormous burst of flame when opened. He is a Half-Blood unknown Heritage.
-Bram: A Hermes camper who showed Andrew around. He is currently unconscious after giving Aaron and Andrew a grave message.
-Evan: A Hermes camper that showed Aaron around, he has a mischievious look in his eyes.


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