Name: Peter Duncan
Age: 15
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lb.
Birthdate: May 24
Parent: Poseidon
Affiliation: Olympians

Appearance: Black hair, green eyes. He's above-average height, average weight, and usually wears a simple black T-shirt and blue jeans. He also has hoodless a Nemean lion fur jacket that ends just above the waist. (White ethnicity)

Description: Peter is rather nervous when he meets strangers, but he usually warms up to others rather fast. He's smart, almost as much as a child of Athena, actually, but not quite on their level. He does know practically everything about Greek mythology, though. He has an odd tendency towards mood swings, being a son of Poseidon, and his face is often unreadable. He's a bit of an oblivious blockhead at times, too.

He is currently in a relationship with Alice.

History: Peter lived in Florida with his mortal mother and stepfather, but he constantly encountered strange beings. He swears that he's seen mermaids swimming in the ocean when he was on a boating expedition with said stepfather. He's also seen multiple women waving at him, though are often beneath the water. He once found a hippocampus washed up on shore, but his parents kept trying to tell him it was a dolphin. The three of them managed to get it back to the sea, but Peter insisted it was half-fish, half-horse.

He was told by a voice one day to go North to New York. He confronted his mother about it, and she broke down and told him the truth about who his father was. Instead of traveling by land, his mother and step-father took him by boat to New York, under Poseidon's protection.

-Longsword that turns into a shark-tooth necklace. The button to change it is located on the clasp/hilt. It also has the ability to move faster through air and it works just as well underwater
-A shirt capable of reflecting projectiles
-Nemean lion's skin (in the form of a "denim" jacket)

Known Powers:
-Increased swim speed
-Ability to breath underwater
-Ability to heal wounds when they are exposed to water
-Walking on water

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