Welcome to the Camp Half-Blood In The Playground Wiki

This is the wiki for the Giant in the Playground Forum's Camp Half-Blood In The Playground FFRP (FreeForm RolePlay), based off of Rick Riordan's Camp Half-Blood Series.

Getting Started

First of all, you'll wanna join. Of course you're only allowed in if you're in the Camp Half-Blood FFRP. If you are, the sign up's at the bottom of the page. Then you'll be able to edit the wiki, add and delete info, and a bunch of other stuff.

Needed on the Wiki

Everything! But to be more specific:

  • Locations Pages
  • Character Pictures
  • And Much More! Just call now!

So can I join?

Of course!

Please create an account and/or sign in first.

if you already have a Wikidot.com account


it is worth it and is free

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