The Affiliations

This page gives a brief explanation of the 3 affiliations in the story: Olympains, titans, and rogue.

The Olympans
The Olympians are the gods that rule Olympus. They control the world. They were brought into power when Zeus (and most of the other gods) defeated Kronos and the Titans, banishing them to Nix. The objective of the Olympian-affiliated characters are to defeat the creatures sent after them by the Titans, and ultimately prevent them (the Titans) from regaining their power and ruling the world as…well…Titans.

—Some Olympian-Affiliated characters: Jake, Mitchell, Jeparo, Ilja, Aaron, Greg, Mathew

The Titans are massively massive creatures that dwarf even the gods. They were imprisoned by Zeus to Nix after they were defeated in a battle for power. Titan-affiliated characters work for the Titans, try to stop the Olympian-affiliated characters from completing their goals and ultimately return the Titans to power.

Rogues are neither affiliated with the Olympians or the titans. They work of their own accord for good or evil. Their ultimate goal is make themselves more powerful (or rich, or well-known, their goals vary).

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