The Affilliations

Here is a list of affiliations currently to choose from.

Olympus: Your character, usually the child of an Olympian god, is a soldier in the fight to protect Olympus and it's inhabitants. You work well with others, and have had or will have most of your training at Camp Half-Blood.

Titan: Your character is loyal to the old regime of the Titans. The gods overthrew the titans thosands of years ago and imprisoned many of the, but some remain free and attemp to defeat the gods.

Rogue: Your character looks out for no one but themselves. Rogue characters are usually the children of minor gods or goddesses, or Olympian children with a bone to pick with their parents. They may simply just not yet be affiliated with anyone, so many new campers who don't know which side they want to be on stick with Rogue for a while.

Protogenoi: The children of the primordial gods. Any character who is a child of a Protogenoi are affiliated with them. Currently, their goal is to only observe at this point. PM Maximum Zersk for any potential characters in this faction.

The Traitors: The Traitors are a demigod/monster army headed by Augustus, Son of Kronos. The Traitors revere the Titans, but Augustus has his own agenda that doesn't corespond with that of the Titans. If you wish to join this faction, please PM Creed for more information.

The Kinship of the Protogenoi: The Kinship are an organization dating back to the Fall of Rome. They are neither affiliated with the Olympians nor the Titans. They help either group when it seems best for them. They mainly consist of children of the Protogenoi, the Primordial beings that ruled before the Titans, though children of minor gods and goddesses are not uncalled for. They usually consist of seven or eight members, though during the Industrial Revolution, they consisted of twenty. "The Glory Days", they were called, and now it seemed as though the Kinship is dying of. Only time will tell. PM Maximum Zersk if you wish to join this group.

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