Name: Zero
Age: 14(?)
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: approx. 95 lbs.
Birthdate: ????
Parent: Ouranos
Affiliation: ????

Appearance: Zero is small for his age. He has dark hair, olive skin, and sky blue eyes. He wears a plain white t-shirt and navy jeans. He has a necklace given to him by Jeparo. Following him around is a small, round, flying, Automaton that was also given to him by Jeparo.

Description: Zero is a quiet boy. He usually shows little emotion. When he talks, he talks slowly and slightly broken.

Recently, it was revealed that Zero has a second personality. Usually it will take control whenever he fights a monster of any sort. It sometimes talks to himin his mind. For now, it is unknown what this personality's motivation is…


How does the lifespan of a mortal being compare to the seemingly-everlasting age of the universe, or to the agelessness of the gods? Not much I would imagine.
The name that most people address me with is Zero. Not my real name, true, but I don't hold any contempt for it. In fact, I have grown rather attached to it. My real name, though, is Aetios, the Eagle. Though no one, including I, had knowledge of that until just recently. My friends still address me as Zero, though.
Some things never change, I guess.
Moving on, it is also an interesting fact that I am not completely human! Interesting, is it not? My father, believe me or not, is actually Ouranos, the Hellenic Primordial Diety of the sky! Small world!
Of course, I had not known that for a long duration of time, considering that I have had an interesting variant of Amnesia. Interesting because, I had remembered everything at one point, and I did not lose any memories after that point. Similar to the kind of Amnesia you would only find in movies and such.
Moving on again, my story begins somewhere in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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